I welcome everyone into this beautiful year. This year will release God’s goodness towards us all, amen.

I also want to welcome every married and unmarried person into this spiritual season. Especially in this part of the world. This season is generally known for fasting and praying in most ministeries in Nigeria.

The benefits of fasting and praying is numerous. It actually should not be once in a year but we just want to dedicate the year unto our Lord at the beginning. Yes, God doesn’t have a calendar but we do, so as to function here on earth and He (God) says, “those that seek me early shall find me” Prov8:17.

So if you have not made up your mind to join your local assembly in this fasting season, please do, it’s greatly profitable if done with understanding and whole heartedly.

Nevertheless, I have also discovered that this season tends to create a lot of frictions in marriages, among couples in the area of sex. Yes, Sex!

This is the time of the year, couples keep Christian malice. Pains you can’t express so you don’t look like a devil who want to destroy God’s agenda yet burning within. I know some couples can relate.

When it comes to Sex and fasting, there are different school of thought. And there are also different doctrines from denominations about it.

I am not against your school of thought neither am I against your church doctrines but I want to point out some realities to you and share some wisdom as well.

A lot of couples observe this January fasting and praying without results because of what am about to share with you.

  • What did the bible say about sex during fasting?
  • What if i can’t cope with no sex for the 40days that my church is fasting?

Can i have sex during fasting and still please god?

  • What if my spouse don’t agree with my school of thought about sex during fasting? ( i will be sharing different school of thought or beliefs as well)
  • Should we still sleep on the same bed during fasting?
  • Can having sex with my wife or husband destroy my fast?
  • What do i do when my husband ask for sex while am fasting and yet to break?
  • What do i do if my husband forbids me to join my church during this fast?
  • He is not born again, he loves sex so much and wants it anytime and i want to join my church in this fast.
  • I don’t get to see my husband again during fasting, though am a Christian too and equally fasting but i think my husband is exaggerating this whole process. Am angry but don’t know what to do.

That’s the trip we are taking in the course of this teaching.

Don’t forget, God said, His People are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Not for lack of fasting and prayers.

Anything done in Ignorance, don’t produce!

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