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Leading Ladies Global Ministry formerly known as Leading Ladies International,  is a relationship, marriage teaching and praying ministry. We are raising women of purpose, power and prosperity. read more

Meet Mama Jane Arowolo

Rev Mrs. Jane Arowolo is the Vice president of success and Life Network and co Labourer at GLORIOUS DUNAMIS LIFE MINISTRY. She is a great woman of God with the mandate to impact lives through her counselling, teaching and prayer ministry. Continue reading

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Early Risers

Mondays – Fridays  5:00am

Covenant of Ease

Saturdays 8:30pm

Hours of Wonder

Fridays 1:00am

Holy Spirit Open My Womb

1st Friday 9:00am (Monthly)

Real Life, Real People, Real Issues

Mondays 11:00am

40 Days Fasting/Prayers

January – February (Annualy)

When Mothers Pray

Last Saturdays 4:00pm (Monthly)

It’s My Turn

Day 1 – 3 (Every Month) 


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